4.2.0 Release

With the release of version 4.2.0 of zeckoShop I wanted to address the most important features introduced along with mention future enhancements to these features that we are planning on adding in future updates.

Catalog Generator 1.0

Although we are always excited about new modules I must admit this one in particular has us extra excited. This is because not only do we see how this will already work great for our clients but we also have some really fantastic ideas for future features that will make this feature an incredible addition to any site and business.

Here’s a taste of the available functionality in the initial version:

  • It comes with 2 different layouts
    • A simple grid layout that’s great for generating price lists
    • A more detailed and flexible layout that includes all the detail you’d need for each product laid out vertically
  • You can create custom cover and back pages which allow something as simple as a background colour with some text or the use of a rich full page image
  • You can also define what appears in the header and footer of each page. This could be some hard coded text, a company image or even dynamic information such as the page number
  • You can choose to include an auto generated table of contents
  • Page size and orientation along with font properties can be set
  • Create your catalog in either PDF or Excel
  • Choose which fields appear in the catalog along with what order they appear in

I mentioned we have lots of ideas for future enhancements so let me give you an idea of what some of those are:

  • The ability to have inserts that appear before and after a category
  • The ability to set layouts per category
  • The ability to have different page headers and footers per category
  • The option to choose whether a hi or lo res catalog should be generated i.e. hi-res would include rich images and CMYK colours and would be sent to your printer whereas lo-res images would use compressed images, RGB colours and would be sent to your clients via email or deployed on your site for download
  • The ability to exclude certain products from a catalog
  • Ability for customers to generate their own catalogs from the my account section. This would also include their specific pricing
  • “Live” catalogs where you can do things such as add a product directly to your cart or favourites list directly from the catalog
  • And much more…

Dealer Locator Enhancements

The dealer locator is a module we’ve had around for a long time and this is the biggest update it has gone through in that time. The updates themselves were based both on client feedback and also on areas we felt needed improvement to allow the feature to be more flexible moving forward.

So what did we do:

  • You can now assign individual products to a dealer whereas previously this was only allowed at the category level
  • The product browse/details pages now have a ‘Find Dealers’ link that when followed will show the dealers that supply those products
  • You can now choose what address fields will show for dealers
  • You can now overwrite the ERP assigned customer details
    • This allows the data to be configured for the web whilst not having to change the ERP information
    • Particularly useful when you store random data in address fields that prevent proper geo location of the dealer or providing an alternate email address then the one on file
  • You can create dealers that aren’t associated with a customer profile.
  • A notification has been added to the admin home page letting you know if a dealers map location set

Admin Import/Export Abilities

This is a feature that admittedly has been lacking for some time in our admin and it’s an incredibly welcome one both internally and for our clients.

We haven’t been able to include import/export abilities for all screens yet but over time we will do so all over but for this release we’ve added the following:

  • Blog export
  • Digital products import/export
  • Product site filters import/export
  • Spire missing category mappings import/export

Instead of working with hard to use csv files or platform specific and complex excel files we integrate with Google Sheets. This makes the feature very heavily integrated with our admin as we can use their API to read and write files and it also makes the location for imported and exported data central and easier to work with. Of course, if you prefer to work with Excel the great thing is Sheets allows you to import and export into Excel so you can continue to work the way that is best and more natural for you.

And More…

Along with these major changes we also included the following:

  • Affiliate specific taxes
  • Admin screens for category filters, digital products, my account settings
  • User registration fields are now included in the export from the user manager
  • The balance of gift certificates is now shown in the admin and on the checkout
  • Customers who bought this carousel
  • Conditions for product details tabs & menu items

Upcoming 4.3.0 Release

The next release of zeckoShop will have a bunch more enhancements added to it. The major additions will be in relation to SEO, checkout, search, catalog generator & the PAS.

As soon as this version is released I’ll write another post outlining the major and minor additions so stay tuned!


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