4.4.0 Release

zeckoShop 4.4.0 has been released and it’s full of new great features. Let me go through each of the major ones in turn to explain what each provides.


zeckoShop now has a statistics module!

There are 2 versions available: the free version that comes with the core and a premium version available for purchase.

Both deal with sales statistics related to overall sales, by category, by manufacturer and by user but the free version delivers just the high level details whereas the premium version allows you to drill down further and use filters to get at the information you require.

In future versions we will add statistics for abandoned carts, user search behaviours, coupon usage etc.

Abandoned Carts

This feature will not only allow you to view abandoned cars but it will also send out emails, with the body content of your choice, after a custom set period of time to users who have abandoned their carts.

There are several settings allowing you to set when a cart should be considered abandoned, when it should be removed etc.

Mega Menu

This new menu component still keeps the same feature set and look of our previous menu but has amped things up quite a bit.

Now you can choose to have your menu behave like a flyout panel where all items are displayed in one area along with optional images. For instance, you can choose to show all your top level categories so they appear all on one panel with their images also.

In future versions we will be adding other specialised panels for manufacturers, my account etc.

Product Fees

This feature gives you the ability to add arbitrary fees to your products so that when a user purchases a product, a fee (optional or mandatory which is set by you) is applied to that product.

Each fee can require comments, show your notes and be conditionally shown to a user depending on several pieces of criteria such as customer profile, user profile, logged in/out, user tags etc.

Other Improvements

  • We have added a translations screen to the admin which now allows you to change your own labels on zeckoShop. It also include an import/export
  • We have improved performance in several areas making this the fasted version of zeckoShop yet
  • We’ve added a feature called ‘Order Detail Custom Field Rules’ which allows you to set rules that determine when a custom field appears on the checkout. This allows you to have different fields show for specific products that your users can then fill out to supply needed information for their purchase of each item
  • The PO Number box has been moved to it’s own section which can also be hidden. This will solve the issue with your users entering sensitive information in here during checkout.
  • Users can now add a previous order to their cart through the My Account section
  • You can now assign multiple bill and ship to’s to your users

So there’s a quick summary of the major additions to this version of zeckoShop.

Upcoming Releases

We will be coming out with a minor version in September and a major version in December that will include tons of new features and changes so stay tuned for more details as it happens!


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