4.6.0 Release

zeckoShop 4.6.0 has been released and it’s full of great new features. Let me go through each of the major ones in turn to explain what each provides.


We now have full support for AvaTax which is a great addition to our list of services that we integrate too.

We still utilise your customer tax profiles as set up in your ERP but for cases where a user doesn’t have an associated customer and providing AvaTax is enabled then it will kick in to generate the needed taxes.

With the ever growing complexity involved in generating taxes and with the rules constantly changing for online shopping this module is a must for those of you selling B2C.

Search Relevancy Updates

The search relevancy has been heavily reworked to make it much more deterministic by you.

Previously there was an advanced algorithm used along with applying “boost” factors that could be entered through our admin.

This worked great for a lot of our clients but for some it unfortunately did not yield the results expected.

This in turn caused us to make the search results fully dependent on the boost factors entered into our admin so that you can choose exactly the priority to use when matching against the different fields and therefore allows you to dictate which fields push results to the top of the list.

Quick Entry Updates

The quick entry has been heavily reworked so that entering products is much more efficient.

Firstly, the page no longer refreshes after adding a product but in fact acts just like our regular add to cart functionality.

Secondly, the user no longer has to select from the autocomplete but can just add directly after entering the part #


In an effort to help our users better target and communicate with their users we are moving forward with enhancements based around marketing strategies.

In this release we’ve added the ability for the system to send follow up emails to users who’ve completed orders on your site.

This email can optionally display related products and also request the user add a rating and/or review.

You can choose when this email gets sent after completed orders along with controlling what gets displayed in the header and footer of the emails.

Product Fee Enhancements

Fees have been enhanced with the following:

  • Ability to base fees on “virtual” products
  • Ability to group fees

Virtual products allows you to create fees without the need for the product to exist in your inventory which was the previous requirement. All you need to do is enter a part #, description & cost and you are done.

Grouping fees allows you to set up a specific group of fees that once displayed to the user they can only select one from the list. So for instance if you set up a “Warranties” group with fees for “1 Year”, “2 Years” & “3 Years” the user would then be prompted to choose which Warranty they want after adding to cart. Of course like all fees this can be mandatory or optional.

Responsive Email Templates

Our last version of zeckoShop shipped with several enhancements around responsive design.

This version has now expanded on that so that all our email templates are fully responsive providing your site is also responsive.

Instagram Support

We’ve added in the ability to display your Instagram images on any area or page of your site.

The display of the images is based on a hashtag so once all the integration details are setup you would just need to let us know where you’d like them to display and what hashtag to use.  

Shipping Enhancements

We’ve made several great enhancements to shipping:

  • You can now specify, on a per product basis
    • Which products have free shipping
    • Which products require offline shipping calculation and along with this specify the note that shows up in the checkout when this happens
  • You can create shipping rules based on the order weight

Other Improvements

  • Share functionality on product details pages has been updated to use ShareThis!
  • Conditions added to hide currency & unit of measure
  • Setting to display sale end date on product image
  • Setting to show add to cart stock warnings/errors inline
  • Setting to force product warehouses to be updated to the customer’s default before completing checkout
  • Ability to set up matching and discounted coupon products based on >= operator
  • Setting to have custom pages fall back to the default language if none exists for the current language
  • Ability to show category images in the top level of the mega menu

So there’s a quick summary of the major additions to this version of zeckoShop.

Upcoming Releases

Our next major release will be coming out April 1st and will be the first in our 5.x series.


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