Version 5 Release

zeckoShop 5 has been released and along with lots of great new features we’ve moved into a new major version.

Our reason for moving to version 5 is that we want to focus on major cleanup of our core components such as the cart, checkout, my account, browsing etc, both to improve performance and also to modernise how these work for the modern web.

So what’s in this release:

Product Addons

This allows assigning “addons” to your existing products so when your users add an item to their cart that has addons assigned to it they are then given the chance to also include these via an informative popup.

This would allow you to setup things such as fees (installation, levies etc), accessories (camera/phone case, cake toppings etc) and so on. Really the options are endless here.

When creating an addon you have the following options:

  • Bundled pricing
  • Create using a an actual product in your inventory or as “virtual” product i.e. the addon doesn’t have to be a real product in your system
  • Notes to display to your customers
  • Capture notes from your customers
  • Mandatory or optional

Cart Rework

The cart has seen major rework in this version. Our goal here was to make working with the cart easier and more efficient along with streamlining the whole shopping process.

The cart page has been completing removed which eliminates the need for your users to be directed to that page before getting to the checkout. Now once they are ready to complete their purchase they are directed straight to the checkout page.

Previously, we had widgets that would display a users cart items when hovered over. This would simply display the part #, description & price of each product. We have now removed these widgets in favour of a cart popup that displays all the information associated with an item that would have been previously on the cart page.

Now when a user is adding items to their cart from a search/browse page they will never have to leave that page when they would like to view the full contents of their cart as the popup content updates inline without page refreshes.

Also, to make working with the checkout more powerful we’ve added the ability to delete items and update their quantities directly on that page so if your users realise that they want to make changes at that point they no longer have to navigate away from the checkout in order to do so.


We’ve improved shipping in several important ways:

  • When generating the origin address that we send to shipping providers this previously was your company address. We’ve updated this to now use the warehouse address associated with the products in the cart, providing that warehouse has an address set. This now allows you to have more accurate rates generated from shipping providers since the address that the products will be sent from will be the correct location
  • We’ve added the ability to map states/provinces to their associated warehouse so when your guest users enter an arbitrary shipping address this will update the associated warehouse for the items in the cart to the mapped warehouse
  • In cases where certain rates returned from your shipping providers should not be displayed at the checkout we’ve added the ability to hide these from view
  • Canada Post
    • We’ve updated our code to use their latest API which now returns more accurate rates and improves the support provided by Canada Post
    • We also included “hooks” which give us the ability to provide custom rate overrides when required. For instance, if you want to modify the rates returned from Canada Post based on a custom algorithm this is now possible
    • We’ve added a setting that when active will only push weights and not dimensions to Canada Post as by default both are included when calculating rates
  • Purolator
    • We’ve added a setting that allows you to include insurance in the shipping rates returned

Payment Processors

We’ve added 2 new payment mechanisms:

  • Paypal Payments Pro
    • This offering from Paypal allows paying both through a Paypal account and credit card
    • In instances where you want to offer both of these payment options you needed to have 2 separate modules, 2 separate payment processors and potentially multiple bank accounts
    • Now you just need a single module, a single payment processor and only a single bank account so you not only consolidate to make your life easier but save money also
  • Beanstream Interac
    • If you already have a Beanstream account for Credit Card you can add Interac as an option here
    • Also you have options around how this is presented to your clients:
      • As 2 separate payment options in our checkout (requires both the Beanstream Credit Card & Interac modules to be installed)
      • As a single payment option in our checkout and once a user selects this option and navigates to the hosted payment page they can then choose Credit Card or Interac

Other Improvements

  • Kitted products now always appear as in stock and their quantities are ignored if you have disallowed backorders on your site since kitted product quantities are always 0
  • You can now add new product statuses directly through the shop admin. This is particularly useful for those of our clients who don’t have zeckoCentral
  • You can now set the default quantity that displays in the add to cart quantity box that’s shown on the browse/search & product details pages
  • In situations where you only have a single payment processor and shipping carrier on the checkout page these will now be auto selected, thus removing the need for your users to select them before proceeding to the next step
  • For those of you with Spire, if you only want users to be able to purchase products that have pricing derived exclusively from the price matrix we’ve added a setting for this


So there’s a quick summary of the major additions to this version of zeckoShop.

Upcoming Release

Our next release will be coming out mid July and will include several new features and updates around improved performance, customer retention, useful integration etc. 

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