Our Affiliates addon provides a way for you to leverage zeckoShop to enable customer branded satellite websites for your customers.

This provides you a platform on which to launch a new marketing initiative where your customers, dealers and brokers can use your site as their website, thus providing a means for your customers to sell direct to consumers.

This addon is ideal for many businesses, especially wholesalers and distributors, who typically don’t sell direct to the consumer. By having affiliates enabled, you can offer your customers a means to sell online, without the need for them to have their own website.

This feature has many powerful abilities, but to give you an idea of what’s possible here is a summary of some of the best.

Dedicated Domain/URL

Normally, when dealing with affiliates on your website, your URL would be re-used for each. Although that’s possible with our addon, you also have the option of setting a completely different URL for some or all of your affiliates and thus provide a dedicated URL that makes their site look independent from your own webstore.

Flexible Theming

To further differentiate an affiliate site from your own, each can have it’s own theme that allows including their logo and branding. Better still, you can set these yourself without needing any technical knowledge as these changes can be done right through the zeckoShop admin.

Setting Overrides

By default, each affiliate site will use the settings of your website, meaning you can set up each affiliate in little to no time.

Of course, each setting can be overridden on a per affiliate basis so you can tailor how the site behaves for each.

This could be as simple as turning on/off specific payment processors or shipping carriers per affiliate or as complex as creating completely unique menus for each.

Price Markups

By default, all pricing displayed on the site is the pricing you’ve set in your ERP.

If however a markup on the displayed pricing is required, you can set this, globally or per affiliate, in the admin and that markup will be automatically factored into the pricing displayed on the site.

Orders & Reporting

All orders on the site will automatically flow into your ERP and will be tagged with the specific affiliate site it completed on which in turn allows for easy reporting when you want to see sales summaries or calculated commissions. The affiliate is also emailed a copy of the order confirmation to notify them of a sale and take action.

As you can see our Affiliates addon is incredibly flexible and powerful and a very valuable way to provide additional value and incentives to your own customers to start selling your products online. If you are interested we’d be happy to provide a demo and discuss options with your further.