The 10 E-commerce Statistics To Know In 2019

1. Amazon and eBay receive over 310M unique visitors monthly (Statistica)

It’s nearly impossible to not notice the popularity of Amazon eBay, it’s up to you whether this will help or hurt your business. By leveraging marketplace integrations to some of the biggest online stores a retailer can access a wider audience than ever before. There has never been a better time to consider selling on new marketplaces.

2. 84% of distributors plan to spend more on e-commerce this year (Statistica).

The vast majority of distributors are taking their B2B sales online to save time and money while making their products more accessible. Distributor pricing and shipping models can be incredibly complex, preventing many people to make the jump to online. Most distributors are now utilizing platforms directly integrated with the accounting software, reducing the initial set-up and maintenance of their site long term.

3. You can increase your checkout rate by 70% just by offering the right payment options (Nielson)

Most websites allow for credit card payments, but only 42% of people prefer to pay with credit card (Statistica). What about the other half? Ensuring you provide the right payment solution reduces the number of customers you lose at check out. When considering your next ecommerce solution, consider one that offers multiple payment providers, including PayPal, your favorite Credit Card process, and even debit.

4. Generation X Shop More Online Than Baby Boomers and Millennials (KPMG)

The greatest purchasing influences for Gen X are no longer online reviews, lengthy articles or recommendations from family and friends — Decisions are made while browsing social media, through influencers, and YouTube. Have you adapted your marketing strategy to take your product to the forefront of 2019’s biggest spenders?

5. 55% of people will abandon their cart due to unexpected additional fees, such as shipping and duties. [Baymard]

Flat rate and free shipping are going to ensure you keep the most customers through checkout. Free shipping doesn’t work in your industry? Integrate with several shipping providers to provide accurate, predictable rates while giving your customers the option that works best for them.

 6. 64% of consumers will click on a Google ad when they’re looking to make an online purchase [Wordstream]

Over half of those actively looking to purchase products have no issue with clicking an ad on Google, making investments in Google advertising and analytics a no-brainer when planning your next marketing movings.

7. 65% of customers will price check on their phone while in a physical store[KPMG]

You don’t have to be down the street to compete, you just need a great mobile theme. By making your prices easy to find and mobile-friendly you’ll be competing around the clock with brick and mortar and web competitors. 36% of people say their decisions are primarily based on price, make sure yours are easy to find.

8. E-mail marketing has an ROI over 4400% [Campaign Monitor]

We’ve all wondered how sending more emails might increase traffic, or whether the subscription to an email marketing site will see the returns we hope for. The numbers are in, and the answer is obvious: Start your campaign now. Not sure where to start? Try integrating your site with Constant Contact or MailChimp to easily build a list of clients.

9. Mobile users have a cart abandonment rate of 85%[Barilliance]

Every ecommerce store needs to address cart abandonment, what’s your strategy? Retargeting ads, abandoned cart notification, clear shipping, and product costs, and a simple, one-page checkout process are all easy ways to ensure your customers.

10. 54% of people will purchase a product they previously abandoned [VWO]

Nearly half of your abandoned carts can be recovered if your customers stay informed. Combine your e-mail marketing campaign and abandoned carts data to ensure your customers stay informed about sales, coupons on price reductions.