Conditions Feature

This will be the first post in many related to a specific feature in zeckoShop, namely Conditions.

What are conditions?

In a nutshell a condition is something that is based on one or more rules and can be applied to several aspects of zeckoShop and determines whether some piece of behaviour will run or something will be displayed on the site.

A rule can be based on something like whether a user is logged in/out, what a clients IP is or what a customers country is etc.

Where can conditions be applied?

We are constantly adding more and more support for this throughout shop but a small sample of the areas where they can be applied is:

  • Whether a menu item should be displayed
  • Whether a widget should be displayed
  • What pieces of a product preview should be displayed
  • What tabs should be displayed on the product details page
  • Who can see a particular cycling banner

Why are conditions important?

Conditions are incredibly important because they allow a flexibility in how your site behaves that never existed before.

For instance, you can create customer specific cycling banners, or have a completely different menu structure dependent on whether a user is logged in or not. Maybe you would only like to show stock indicators to your wholesale customers or have special widgets show for salespeople or affiliates.

Right now the possibilities are numerous but eventually you’ll be able to tailor your site to the point that every different type of user can get a completely custom experience.

I don’t know about you but I’m excited.


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