CRM Integration

In a previous article we told you about a new feature of ours, ‘Salesperson Quotes’.

This was part of our initiative to help sales teams better utilise their zeckoShop website so that it not only serves their customers but also their needs in one integrated system.

Following on and expanding on this even further we’ve now implemented integration to CRMs which essentially adds that missing piece and makes zeckoShop a full salesperson portal, providing an incredibly powerful way to not only create but analyse and drive new sales.

The idea is that instead of your reps needing to jump between the ERP/accounting system, zeckoShop and the CRM itself in order to determine information about customers, including their past sales history & shopping habits, they can now garner all this directly from the CRM, the place where they typically spend most of their time.

Specifically, we push all your customers & contacts, along with orders, quotes and invoices to the CRM so your reps can use this when working with their customers to drive new sales based on current and historical knowledge. Also, website events such as when a user logs in/out, goes to a product details page, adds an item to cart & completes a purchase is also pushed to their profile to give the sales rep some insight into the customers interests and buying habits online.

There are a myriad of CRM’s out there and we intend on supporting dozens over time but for now our initial rollout will include Hubspot & Pipedrive, two very popular, powerful & flexible CRM’s that should satisfy all your needs.

If this sounds useful and exciting to you make sure to reach out so we can discuss with you further and get your sales team fully equipped with the tools they need. Even if you don’t currently or intend to use the CRMs mentioned in our initial rollout just let us know and we can discuss the specific integration you need and who knows, by the time you contact us it just might already be in place.