Customer Part Numbers

As the popularity of e-commerce grows, competition is getting more fierce and demands that your website offer unique and truly useful features to your customers so they not only enjoy shopping on your site but continue to return and choose you over the competition.

It’s been known for some time that personalisation of a website makes users feel at home and once they start to create that unique experience for themselves they are less likely to go elsewhere as losing that personal experience is important to them.

We realised this ourselves some time ago and went about building several features into zeckoShop that allow your customers to personalise their website experience and tailor it to their needs.

As part of this on going effort we recently created a new feature we call ‘Customer Part Numbers’. It’s an incredibly simple yet powerful concept: instead of using the part numbers you’ve set up, whether that be to search for or be displayed alongside product, the customer gets to use their own part numbers that are unique and meaningful to them, thus personalising that aspect of the website experience.

From the moment they enter the site and see their part numbers in product previews to having those part numbers follow them through the whole shopping experience whether that be search, favourites & cart/checkout, your customers will feel at home with this and the myriad of other personalisation features we have available.

So why not differentiate your site from the rest of the pack and give your users a great new way to shop, just for them. Contact us to find out how you can go about adding this new feature to your site along with the others we have available to help add that personal touch to how you do business online.