Eleven ways to quickly improve e-commerce conversion

Tips on Improving E-commerce Conversion

Know your customers

Before you begin working to improve your conversion rate you’ll first need to understand your customers. Ensure you have analytics set up with the proper sales funnels, and consider sending out surveys to find out how your customers want to engage with you, what can entice them to make a sale, and how frequently they want to be contacted.

Keep value propositions above the fold

Keeping the information above the fold means ensuring your customers won’t have to scroll to find what they’re looking for. Your top selling products often have a few key selling points that often make them such great sellers. By keeping this above the fold you ensure that anyone entering your site or landing on the product page knows why they’re there and how you can help them.

Abandoned cart emails really do work

It can often be difficult to convert a first time visitor into a buyer. By sending follow up emails you can bring users that may not have converted back to your site for another look. If you’re concerned some users may be looking at the wrong products try sending out a reminder of the product they have in their cart as well as some related items. Know your customers love coupons? Send out a discount code to users to entice them to return.

Product suggestions are key

Help your customers find the products they need by showing them other, related products.  These suggestions aren’t just for your abandoned cart emails, try displaying them in the cart at check out, or under the product details on your product pages.

Create targeted newsletters

Email advertising isn’t a one size fits all solution. By using an intelligent mail service, or by providing a survey. If you’re selling clothing, make sure that people are receiving clothing appropriate to the gender they’ve selected, or go one step further and send them newsletters based around their personal style.

Make shipping easier

Take another look at the analytics we asked you to collect above. If you’re losing a large number of users at the checkout stage it’s likely because of unexpected shipping costs. Ensure your shipping is simple, so users who are adding products to their cart have a clear idea

Incentivize the buyer to purchase today

Flash sales, weekend sales, and sale countdowns on your site will encourage your users to purchase a product now, without ever leaving the site.

Increase your Google Ad targetting

Vague Google Ads can lead to low conversion rates among new customers. Try creating ad groups with only a single ad, targetting specific products or categories with specific, highly searched language for that product.

Multiple payment options

A sale can quickly be lost in the final stages by not offering a quick and convenient way for your customers to pay. If you’re already offering credit card payments, consider offering PayPal, which can be convenient if the customer doesn’t have their Credit Card on hand.

Check your hosting plan

Several studies have shown that by improving site speed you can improve your conversion rates. A sale is often earned by having a quicker and simpler site than your competitors, make sure your hosting plan isn’t a bottleneck in your e-commerce equation.

Focus on mobile users

If you haven’t updated the look or functionality of your site in several years chances are you’re ignoring over half of your potential customers. Ensure your site is mobile optimized and easily navigated by those on a mobile phone or tablet.