Facebook Pixel

Most people know the importance of having a site optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) yet most don’t give the same amount of importance to having initiatives in place around SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and conversion tracking.

In summary, SEO drives traffic to your site based on improving your site in order to increase your organic search engine rankings e.g. through keywords, rich content etc whereas SEM drives traffic to your site based on paid advertisements e.g. Google Adwords etc. Conversion tracking allows you to determine how often users are completing the actions that are most important to you on your site e.g. completing a purchase.

Once you’ve made a decision on what paid services you’d like to use to drive traffic to your site and what conversion metrics are most important you then need to determine which of the paid services are driving the expected and right amount of traffic to your site and in turn what the conversion rates are.

There are lots of ways to measure and track this but we’d like to highlight one where we recently released full support in our platform, Facebook Pixel.

So what is Facebook Pixel: simply put it’s an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness (conversion rate) of your advertising by gaining an insight into the actions that your users take on your site. By tracking and in turn analysing this traffic you can ascertain which sources the traffic is coming from and ensure your ads are being shown to those you intend.

Our integration not only tracks the pages visited by users but also several actions such as when a user adds an item to cart, goes to the checkout, completes a purchase, performs a search, registers for an account and visits a product details page.

By tracking and reporting on these events, you can then determine the effectiveness of the advertising services you are using and from there make an educated and data driven decision on which are the best to help you get the right traffic and highest rate of conversions.

To discuss not only this new addition but all our other features & services surrounding SEO & SEM make sure to reach out and we’d love to discuss.