Internationalisation & the Global Market

If you were to ask most experts what are the main advantages of selling online, you’d be sure that all would include the fact that it allows you to sell anywhere in the world with little to no limits.

However, most websites either don’t provide this as an option or don’t support it well enough. This isn’t surprising however as there’s a lot to understand and consider before doing so.

With 84% of all transactions happening outside of North America the need to reach new markets is greater than ever but how do you get there?

When entering the global market you need to take into account several new concerns you previously didn’t have to worry about such as:

  • Complex & ever changing tax rules
  • Localisation for numbers, dates, pricing & translated text
  • Shipping
  • Payment processing
  • Etc

zeckoShop has a rich set of core features and addons that takes the headache out of going global.


zeckoShop can automatically display numbers, currencies & dates in the format for the current locale based on the visiting users location. This means that when someone visits from Canada for instance, your pricing will display as “$9.99 CAD” whereas if someone visits from Germany your pricing will display as “$9,99 EUR”

Also, zeckoShop has a very complex and flexible translation engine that supports the most common languages throughout the world. It allows you to manually set the translated text, providing you have the help of a translator, or it can even automatically translate your descriptions and meta data with the help of a translation service, thus removing the burden from you.


This is one of the most complex and tricky areas you will encounter in general, never mind when going global.

Even if the taxes in your country are simple there are still gotchas lurking and tax laws are constantly changing which are difficult at best to keep on top of.

With this in mind, zeckoShop has a certified integration with the de-facto tax rate calculation service AvaTax.

This allows you to enter any market you wish as all tax calculations are handled accurately and automatically without the need to worry.


With dozens of shipping integrations, including local and worldwide carriers, we have you covered.

No matter where you expand to, we will have the carrier you need to not only ship to the destinations you require, but will get you the best rates.

Payment Processing

When dealing with sensitive information, and without knowing the privacy laws in every country, not handling this correctly could put your business into a lot of trouble.

Luckily, zeckoShop is PCI compliant and does not handle any sensitive credit card information and thus takes any worry away in terms of handling this sensitive information as you expand your market over time.

If you’d like to discuss entering the global market and how zeckoShop can help you, please reach out and we’d be happy to discuss. Also, if you would like to read up on this further econsultancy wrote a great article that explains everything in depth, The Internationalisation of e-commerce: A Best Practice Guide