Notify Me

Here at Terracor we are always trying to see software through the eyes of our clients and their users. This approach allows us to build software that not only solves the problem at hand but makes using it an enjoyable experience.

Of course, along with this we are also users of e-commerce ourselves and base new features and improvements on those experiences. There is one such issue we’ve experienced on most sites that drove the development of our newly created feature ‘Notify Me’.

Let’s set the scene: you need to purchase a product but when you go to the site it’s out of stock. You check back some days later only to find out that the product came back into stock but sold out again, if only you’d known as soon as it was available again you could have completed your purchase there and then. While browsing you notice a product that you would like to purchase but find that it’s price is a little high. You don’t need it right now and would prefer to purchase when it goes on sale but how will you know when this happens unless you check everyday which is time consuming and a frustrating way to accomplish this.

Right now your own customers may have experienced this on your site but why should they have too? Why should they have to continuously check back for availability and the next promos instead of your site reaching out to them with the information relevant to allow making those needed and well informed purchases. They shouldn’t and that’s why we development this great new feature.

Simply put: It allows customers the ability to register for notifications for when items that are out of stock and become available again or when they go on sale. An email gets sent letting them know when any of these situations arise so they act fast to take advantage.

Really this kind of feature does all the heavy lifting for you and your customers in terms of staying informed and we won’t be stopping here but over the coming months adding more useful notifications that keep customers shopping on your site. This is an essential feature that you should have on your site so make sure to contact us to find out more.