Integrating Your Webstore with Sage X3

 What is integrated e-commerce?

Integrated e-commerce is the process of managing your online store by using data from your accounting software, inventory, ERP, or other key process software.

By creating a connection between these platforms you can begin using data you’re already managing to run your online store.

How can I integrate my website with Sage X3?

There are two popular methods of creating an integrated ecommerce platform. The first is by installing a plugin on a pre-existing website or platform. Plugins typically have a limited set of integration points and rarely interact with other features and plugins on your site.

The second, and most often recommended, is to build your site on a fully integrated ecommerce platform, such as zeckoShop. A fully integrated platform allows you to sync more data fields, utilize more features from Sage, and ensure you’re taking advantage of Sage 

Getting Started


Preparation is always the most important part of any large project. Start by setting goals — Whether it’s to improve your design, automate otherwise time-consuming processes, or begin selling to new markets, it’s important to define your priorities before you start.

Find the right platform

Once you know your goals, reach out to e-commerce services providers to receive quotes and find a platform that works for you.

Choose your design and feature needs

Set aside some time to decide what type of information your clients will need to make an informed purchasing decision, what type of actions they’ll want to take when finding products and adding it to cart, and how you can make their shopping experience more efficient. The more you can utilize data that’s already in Sage, the faster your set-up will be for products


Choose what to integrate

So you’re ready to move to the web? It’s time to decide what you want to bring with you from Sage, and what you’d like to manage manually. Order history, pricing, customer data, item names, and custom fields can all sync up to the web. Make sure the data you’re syncing to the web is determined with your customers in mind.

Install and set up

It’s time to find a platform that respects your time. Many platforms force you to pay exorbitant fees for support and training or force you to watch dozens of hours of videos, read through manuals or hire staff experienced in the platform. Thankfully, many platforms will either take care of the hard work for you, provide extensive one-on-one training, or both! Consider what type of user you are and ensure the install and set-up process is tailored to you.


Begin automating your order to cash process and enjoying your new store!

No really, it’s that easy.

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