Salesperson Quotes

Along with having zeckoShop manage the e-commerce aspects of our clients business, there typically also exists a team of salespeople to attract new prospects and to service existing customers whether that be informing them of new/existing products, creating quotes and so on.

Until now both sides were independent and we felt this was a lost opportunity as having both work seamlessly together not only improves how you interact and service your customers but also helps streamline the whole process to grow your business further.

With this in mind we have created a new feature ‘Salesperson Quotes’ that brings your sales team to the web and gives them the ability to use your existing site to drive the quoting and sales process.

Your customers can initiate a quote directly on the site using all the existing search & browse features at which point your sales team can take over the process of refining the quote all while interacting with the customer as the quote gets updated and refined.

Your salespeople can change line items by adding, removing and updating as needed. They can set required pricing, address information, shipping and so on and each time they make a revision to the quote the associated customer is notified via email at which point they can view the changes in their ‘My Account’ section and request further ones as needed.

Once a quote has been approved by the customer the salesperson working on that quote can then mark it as completed at which point it flows directly into your ERP as an order for final invoicing. Easy!

Now there’s no need for additional sales tools that lack integration with your website, everything is in one place and you get to utilise the existing investment you made in your site.

There is a lot more to this new feature then outlined here and a future ‘Feature of the Month’ will focus on the CRM integration we are building which will also integrate with this piece so make sure to contact us to find out more about how you can get this up and running on your zeckoShop.