Spire Integration

With the release of Spire I thought it a great time to write a post about how zeckoShop integrates with this modern and powerful ERP system.

The basics

Firstly, we’ve worked hard to make sure that all your important and relevant data is being pushed from Spire to zeckoShop. This includes:

  • Inventory (warehouses, categories, images, custom fields etc)
  • Pricing (book prices, quantity breaks, promotional pricing etc)
  • Customers (addresses, custom fields, pricing etc)
  • Taxes
  • Sales history
  • Currencies

Also, all orders and quotes created through zeckoShop will flow into Spire automatically as expected.

Along with all of the data synchronisation there is also support for certain features in Spire that deserve special treatment:

Price matrix

zeckoShop implements the full price matrix algorithm so any pricing you have set up in Spire will be automatically reflected on your site.

The price matrix allows you to set up rules based on your product categories which is a powerful feature. If you want to use a different category structure on our site however this would normally cause you issues but we have a special enhancement to zeckoShop that allows you to map the categories in Spire to those in zeckoShop so your category specific rules are fully honoured.

Order number prefix and suffix

Spire has the ability to set up a custom prefix and suffix to be appended to your auto generated order numbers. zeckoShop has support for this so the order numbers that are generated follow the same rules as those generated in Spire.

Quantity breaks

zeckoShop can display all of your standard quantity breaks on the site so users can see what pricing they will get for ordering a certain quantity. It also supports quantity breaks as defined in the price matrix and will also display these for users as well.

Promo Pricing

zeckoShop has a standard promotional pricing mechanism that not only marks each product as an “on sale” product but gets factored into price calculations. It also supports promo pricing as defined in the price matrix in the same way.


zeckoShop has automatic support of the Spire rental module. This does not require any configuration on your part as all rental settings and data flow directly to zeckoShop.

When enabled the ability to rent a product will show up alongside all areas of zeckoShop that allow you to also purchase the product.


zeckoShop will automatically support all levies set up in Spire so that when a user goes to the checkout any levies that are to be applied to the order will be displayed to the user and added to the order automatically.

In summary

Over the coming releases of zeckoShop we will be adding more and more Spire features and making sure that integration between the two products is seamless.

All of us at Terracor are very excited about the release of Spire and are passionate about our own software and we believe that the marriage of both products is the perfect solution for every business as you grow and move forward.


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