Announcing Intercom Integration

We are very excited to announce integration with Intercom in our latest version of zeckoShop.

So why are we so excited and why should you care?

We believe that one of the most important things to consider when you have a website is how you understand, support and engage with your users. This is where Intercom comes in because it allows you to do all of this incredibly easily and with a ton of options and flexibility.

Intercom has packages for observing your users, getting feedback from them, supporting them and onboarding them. By signing up you can observe your users for free but by upgrading you can take advantage of the other features.

How does zeckoShop integrate with Intercom exactly?

For the initial rollout we will push your users and their details to Intercom and we will record events such as log in, log out, page visits & completed orders. This will allow you to build custom filters around different user properties such as tags, address information etc and see how your users are navigating and using your site. In fact to see the power of the observe package view the video below to find out exactly what’s possible.

Also, by signing up for the other packages we will include the Intercom component for interacting with your users automatically on each page.

So if you are intrigued by this new module and want to find out more then send us an email and we would be happy to discuss it further and how it can benefit you and your website.

Conditions Feature

This will be the first post in many related to a specific feature in zeckoShop, namely Conditions.

What are conditions?

In a nutshell a condition is something that is based on one or more rules and can be applied to several aspects of zeckoShop and determines whether some piece of behaviour will run or something will be displayed on the site.

A rule can be based on something like whether a user is logged in/out, what a clients IP is or what a customers country is etc.

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