SEO Best Practices

We are constantly asked by our clients about SEO, both in terms of best practices and how to improve search engine ranking overtime.

We don’t offer any in-house SEO services at Terracor but we are experts in our field and are very well equipped to give our clients advice on best practices in order to receive favourable search rankings.

So we wanted to create a simple post to highlight the best practices so you, our clients, could refer to this as needed overtime and hopefully ensure your SEO initiatives bring you the success we want you to have in your online business.

Instead of rehashing all the information already available we wanted to point you to a fantastic document that already details the necessary information, and even better it was created by Google themselves.


Click here if you’d prefer to download the document for offline viewing

Note: some of the advice in the document is very low level and refers to web page structure and how it should be built but don’t worry, whenever you see these details you can safely ignore them knowing that zeckoShop has taken care of this for you. We’ve supplied lots of screens in the zeckoShop admin panel that allow you to make changes to these areas if needed without having to worry about the intricacies of web development.

A few important notes specific to zeckoShop’s SEO implementation:

  • Page Titles: zeckoShop will set a page title using a default value determined by the system. What this default is will depend on the page in question but as an example on a product details page the product short description is used as the title. Importantly, the title of a page is used as the first and main line of text in any search results so if the default isn’t what you’d like to appear in search engine results then make sure to change it in the zeckoShop admin.
  • Page Descriptions: Similarly to page titles zeckoShop uses a default here. Returning to the example of the product details page, the product long description is used by default for the description. Google may use this as the description of your page in search results so again make sure if the default description isn’t what you’d like displayed in search results that you change it through the zeckoShop admin portal.
  • URL Structure: zeckoShop also has a default URL structure that out of the box is not SEO friendly. It’s important that you use our admin tools to setup your SEO friendly URLs which can be done on a per page basis but the best approach is to use or permalink rules feature which allows you to setup the general structure of your URLs and then let zeckoShop create your URLs for you without any intervention. This means whenever you create and upload new products to the site that you don’t have to do anything for the product URL to be SEO friendly. This is a huge time saver!
  • Sitemaps: zeckoShop provides the ability to generate a sitemap with a click of a button. Just remember that whenever you add or change categories and products that you regenerate it to ensure the latest version is available to search engines.
  • Mobile: As an additional offering we can create both a desktop and mobile specific version of your site. Not only is having a mobile optimised site required for good search engine ranking but we also ensure that both are served from the same URL. This is a great convenience as it means your users only have to worry about a single URL, you only worry about maintaining data and settings for a single site and search engines don’t need any special instructions when crawling your site.

Good luck in your SEO endeavours and remember we are always here to help.