The Importance of Personalisation

When looking to market your e-commerce site in order to drive new sales and retain existing customers, there are dozens of methods you can employ to aid in this.

One of the most overlooked and yet most important is personalisation and is fast becoming one of the most important factors for marketers.

Traditionally personalisation has been seen as invasive and complex, but the likes of Amazon and other large e-commerce sites have used it to great success and with an advanced platform like zeckoShop, personalising your user experience is not only simple, but incredibly effective in up selling products, pushing relevant items & retaining your existing customer base.

There has been a ton of research performed to prove the effectiveness of personalisation but to give a couple of examples, Target Marketing showed that shoppers are almost 50% more likely to make a purchase if their shopping experience is personalised. Smart Insights says exactly the same and on the flip side shows that 74% of consumers get frustrated when content has nothing to do with them.

Just Google “Importance of personalisation in e-commerce” and you’ll find result after result proving the importance. Convinced? Great, then let’s run through just some of the fantastic features zeckoShop has that can increase your sales and keep your customers coming back for more.  

Conditional Elements

Your e-commerce site is made up of hundreds or even thousands of elements, from a full page down to the widget that displays the link to a users cart.

Normally, all elements appear the same to each user that visits a site, whether that be a guest or a long standing customer.

zeckoShop however allows you to customise and personalise the website so it looks & behaves differently for any type of user. You could have pricing and inventory only visible to logged in users, a different menu for wholesale versus retail, customer specific cycling banners & advertisements or even user specific themes if you require it.

The list is close to endless really and you can tailor the website to look and feel exactly how each and every user would prefer by simple configuration.

To read a little more we wrote a Conditions post that gives more details.


Rewards has proven to be one of the most incredibly powerful and most effective ways of gaining new customers and retaining existing ones.

Research has shown that when users feel that they are earning rewards every time they purchase, that they are less likely to switch to a competitor and more likely to purchase more items over time. Medium reports that 75% of US companies loyalty programs generate a return on investment.

zeckoShop’s rewards addon has flexibility in the kinds of rewards offered to users from accumulating a percentage of each sale that can be applied against future orders to earning points that can be redeemed against select products on the site.  

Finally, here are just a few of the benefits of a rewards program:

  • Retain existing customers
  • Reward clients who purchase more
  • Ability to win back previously, unhappy customers
  • Ability to implement drip marketing around rewards
  • Relationship building
  • Reduced advertising costs
  • Price insensitivity
  • Referrals and advocacy

Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics

Gaining an insight into who’s visiting your site, their behaviour and what they are viewing is essential to understanding what works well and what doesn’t for your users along with determining just who those users are in order to personalise the experience.

By gathering this kind of analytical information, you can then target specific audiences and tailor the experience for them. Maybe you’ve found that customers coming from Canada gravitate towards a specific type of product compared to those from the US in which case you can now start pushing specific products at specific audiences to maximise conversions.

zeckoShop has integrations with dozens of analytic providers but the two most popular and effective are Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics.

Once we have you set up and trained, you can then go about gathering stats and personalising your website based on real data.  

Opt-in Notifications

In a feature we call ‘Notify Me’ zeckoShop also includes several opt-in notifications that users can opt into.

For instance, if an item is out of stock, users can sign up to receive an email as soon as it comes back into stock.

As another example, if a user on your site sees a product but would prefer to wait to purchase till it’s on sale they again can sign up to receive an email as soon as that happens.

This simple, yet powerful style of notification really makes users feel like they have control over when and how they purchase and because the notifications they receive are relevant to them, they will continue to visit your site as they receive emails notifying them of interesting events.

Personalised Data

zeckoShop has several mechanisms that even allows personalising the data users see on the site from customer specific product descriptions to customer specific part numbers.

By personalising data, it not only makes your website seem comfortable and inviting to your customers, it also allows them to find product much simpler since they get to browse, search & shop based on information known and relevant specifically to them.


So these were just a few samples of what zeckoShop can do in order to help you personalise and enhance your e-commerce offering. If you’d like to discuss further on how we can help you in this area make sure to contact us and we’d be happy to discuss.