Version 7.3 Release

We just released version 7.3 of zeckoShop which includes some great enhancements and new add ons.

CRM Integration

This is a feature we’ve wanted for some time now and it’s finally here, allowing your salespeople to view customer information & purchase history directly in your CRM without having to jump between that and your ERP/zeckoShop site to find required information.

We push the following data from your ERP to your CRM:

  • Customers: all billing customers are pushed as companies while their shipping addresses are pushed as child companies of the billing entity. Also, for both billing and shipping their contacts are pushed and associated with the relevant company
  • Invoices/Orders: the full order history for each company is pushed along with the workflow of orders updated to reflect changes in your ERP e.g. Quote, Open & Invoiced

Also, to provide tighter integration between your systems and zeckoShop we also push the following events to your CRM as they happen real time in zeckoShop:

  • Login
  • Logout
  • Search
  • Product Viewed
  • Add to Cart
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase

For our initial rollout we have integrated with Hubspot & Pipedrive but we will continue to add more integrations over the coming months including zohoCRM.

If you have a specific CRM in mind and are wondering if we can integrate with it just send us an email or give us a call and we’ll discuss.

Inline Payment Processing

Since the inception of zeckoShop we’ve used what is referred to as “Hosted Payment Pages”, HPP for short, to process payment. The advantage of these are with regards to security since all transactions happens on the payment processor end and thus Terracor doesn’t have to handle any sensitive information by integrating via APIs.

Since these pages live outside of zeckoShop it has always meant an additional step when checking out as your customers are forwarded to these pages after verifying the details of their order and selecting their shipping.

As part of our ongoing effort to modernise and improve our platform, we are making several updates and additions to our checkout and in this build we’ve updated two of our more popular payment processors to now accept payment directly on the checkout page and thus removing the HPP previously in place.

This not only streamlines the process of making a purchase on your site but it looks more integrated with the overall site as the form is embedded directly in the checkout.

For now we’ve implemented this for Bambora & Moneris, along with adding a new integration with Stripe but we will continue to update other payment processors in upcoming builds. For instance, or next release will embed Paypal along with add support for Amazon Pay.

Accessibility Support

Accessibility is a complex topic but something becoming even more important on the modern web.

With this in mind we have put together an ongoing effort to ensure our platform is accessible to all and will continue to make improvements as we release newer versions of our software.

For this build we have made dozens of changes to better support accessibility benchmarks to allow tools and readers to better navigate any site build on the zeckoShop platform.


Another major area we’ve been making improvements in and will continue to do so is giving you the ability to make additions/changes to the site content in more powerful ways.

We created a new component we call “Ads” that simply allow you to place as many advertisements on your site as you require, thus allowing you to maintain this list of ads over time as your requirements change.

“Ads” at their core are just rich content allowing you to include any text, images etc but you also have the ability to choose who these ads will display for based on properties in the customer/user profile, location etc

Other Notable Additions:

  • Custom checkout disclaimers
  • Close to free shipping notifications to your users/customers
  • Auto mark products as new
  • Support for up to 5 decimals places for pricing display

Upcoming Release

Our next major version is due for release mid August, version 7.4!

This version will be heavily focussed on further improvements to our checkout and payment processors, ongoing improvements/enhancements to our platform accessibility & CRM integration along with major enhancements to security & performance to ensure you have a platform that is not only full featured but secure and reliable.

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