Version 7.4 Release

We just released version 7.4 of zeckoShop which includes some great enhancements.

Addons Moved to Core

In an effort to continue enhancing our offering, we’ve moved several features, previously considered paid addons, into the core:

  • Abandoned carts
  • Blog
  • Cycling banners
  • Order detail custom field rules
  • Order templates
  • Premium statistics

We are reviewing all our addons and will continue to include others into the core in upcoming releases.

CRM Integration

We announced our new CRM integration in 7.3 and as promised are continuing to enhance based on feedback.

Firstly, we’ve added additional fields when syncing customer profiles to the CRM:

  • Year to date sales
  • Last Year Sales
  • Customer Notes
  • Days since last invoice
  • Ref Num
  • Credit Balance
  • Credit Limit

Another important enhancement is that we now adjust the “deal” stage based on the status of orders. As they change from quote to order, or order to invoiced, the stage is also updated automatically in the CRM to give your sales people the information they need and determine what deals were “Won” as they are invoiced in the ERP

We’ve also added additional information to deals to better help identify the salesperson, customer and participants associated.    


2 factor authentication has been added to the admin, thus increasing the security significantly when accessing this area of the site.

We’ve also increased the strength of passwords in zeckoShop by using a more advanced hashing algorithm. Along with this, the password reset mechanism forces users to reset their password after successfully logging in for the first time after requesting a reset.


Several additions have been added to the checkout including:

  • Ability to request billing & shipping address changes directly from the checkout for your customers
  • Ability for customers to choose their shipping preference for items on backorder i.e. ship when each becomes available or ship when all are available
  • Ability to set customer specific shipping padding and threshold that applies when an order is less then a specified threshold amount
  • As part of our ongoing effort to have all payment entered inline on the checkout screen, we’ve updated our Paypal integration to include this ability


With the importance of keeping your permalinks up to date we’ve updated our system to ensure these are automatically created for each new item added to the system, specifically:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Manufacturers
  • Custom Pages

Also, a dedicated screen for maintaining your metadata has been added, which includes import/export capabilities.

Other Notable Additions:

  • Ability for users to order favourites as they wish
  • Ability to set global search filters based on custom fields and categories
  • Ability to set up recurring courses
  • Dozens of enhancements to the admin to make finding and updating information much easier

Upcoming Release

Our next major version is due for release end of November, version 7.5!

Along with our ongoing effort to increase performance, security and the admin, we’ll also be adding several new features and addons, each of which we’ll preview on our blog after the release is available.