Version 7.5 Release

We just released version 7.5 of zeckoShop which includes some great enhancements.

Image Optimisations

As a lot of people know, a slow loading website can impact the visitors of your site and is known to decrease traffic if severe enough.

Knowing this we are always looking to optimise our platform in all possible ways, and in particular with regards to website assets such as images.

Images are always the largest assets on a website that need to be downloaded by the browser and thus, if they aren’t optimised in terms of size, then your page loads will consequently suffer.

Till now zeckoShop images have been optimised by our software and delivered directly from the same host that manages your web application.

Moving forward however, we are using an industry leading solution to both optimise and deliver images such that all generated images are as small as possible while keeping quality and delivery of those images is as fast as possible.

Benchmarking to date has shown that generated image sizes are between 30-40% of what they were previously and delivery of those images, both because of the decrease in size and the use of a high efficiency CDN has also improved by approx. 50%.

We’ll be continuing to make further improvements in this area in our next release to have this fully optimised.

Equipment Registry

We’ve created a new addon that allows managing equipment through your zeckoShop along with a self serve portal for your users.

Essentially, you set up the equipment using the zeckoShop admin which allows tracking attributes such as:

  • Manufacturer
  • Type
  • Parts & Accessories (actual products in the system)
  • Customer Purchases:
    • Customer #
    • Serial #
    • Date Purchased
    • Warranty Expiration

Once pieces of equipment have been setup and assigned, your customers can then log in to your zeckoShop and browse their equipment, view warranty information and also add pieces of equipment, or separate components to their cart for purchase.

Addon Wizard

One of our more popular addons is ‘Product Addons’ which allows you to assign a list of options to a product such that when added to cart the user is presented with a series of options that they can choose from such as additional products to purchase, additional fees, extra commentary etc.

This works great as long as the list of options is relatively short and cohesive, but as soon as you have a lot of different options, where certain ones should be grouped separately, then it becomes difficult to setup and awkward for your users.

We’ve now enhanced this so that each option can be assigned a step and when a user is presented with the addon dialog, they will go through it wizard style and be presented one set of options at a time based on the step configured in the admin.

To enhance this one step further, you can also assign custom fields to the wizard so that the final screen in the wizard can request additional information from users related to the order and have these fields flow directly into your ERP.    

Other Notable Additions:

  • Quickbooks Online integration has been added
  • You can now make sales history available in a users favourites
  • A dedicated page to your manufacturers has been added to serve as a landing page for users
  • You can now set custom images to appear as ‘ribbons’ on your product images on the site based on status such as ‘Promo’, ‘On Sale’ etc

Upcoming Release

Our next major version is due for release end of March, version 7.6!

We’ll continue to optimise performance and enhance existing features such as My Account (UI overhaul), Coupons (ease of setup and more powerful use cases) & the Checkout (vault integration, more payment options etc).