Why zeckoShop?

There are times that we at Terracor get asked this question from potential clients: “Why should we choose zeckoShop over one of your competitors?” It’s a more than fair question and one that should be asked by anyone serious about their business and online presence.

Of course we have given detailed answers to this question and although I could talk in this post about our extensive feature set (hundreds of great and useful features and modules), our number of years in the business (next year will be Terracor’s 25th anniversary serving our clients) or the top class support we give our clients but I’m going to hit this from a different angle.

I’m going to talk about what I believe to be the most important aspect of picking a service provider and that is understanding. Understanding not only of our business or our ability to understand yours but most importantly how well we understand the importance of our clients to the success of our business. We at Terracor know that in order for us to succeed you have to succeed and it is with this knowledge that drives us to excel and offer you a level of service and expertise far beyond what others can give you.

The first thing we always do when a new client comes our way is discuss how we would like to help that client achieve whatever goal it is they want and how as a team we need to make sure we discover the value of a web presence to their business and the best way to execute a plan within the context of their needs. We know that for so many of our clients their websites are an integral part of their business and in some cases the lifeblood of it.

For all these reasons we will always be there ready to assist and support our clients in whatever way is needed and this alone is why zeckoShop should be your choice every time.

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